Dancing Sunrays By Kilian Schönberger Is The Forest Landscape Series That Will Blow You Away

Incredible landscapes by the colorblind German artist! - 8 years ago by
Source: http://www.kilianschoenberger.de/

Nature is just full of beauty and mystery, I mean who doesn’t love a nice walk in the forest to just enjoy the fresh air provided by the numerous trees around and the sunlight rays passing through the leafs and just gently caressing your skin. Don’t you want to just capture this moment and make it last forever. Nowadays, of course, everybody has a smartphone with an incredible camera in it and with such innovative platforms as Instagram, everyone can be a photographer. But rest assured there aren’t many people in the world who can capture “mother nature” at its best like the German artist and photographer Kilian Schönberger. His absolute hit series “Dancing Sunrays” is an inspiration to photographers around the world. For this series the German photographer traveled throughout the whole world to visit stunningly beautiful places like Norwa, Iceland and many, many others in order to capture the best possible landscapes and even in some places cityscapes. And as you can imagine, the result is absolutely magnificent, as there was so very little to post process in the whole shooting. But that’s not all. Natural beauty is easy to spot and is everywhere around us, but what really makes the difference here and what really makes this photo shoot and this photographer really special is the fact that Kilian shot all of these remarkable photos despite the fact he is colorblind! That really changed your perspective on the subject, didn’t it?

For this gorgeous series, he kept his whole focus exactly on the bright sunrays coming down showing the light through the leafs of the trees in the harsh landscape of the forest. And how can someone even doubt the results, as most of the photos were taken using a CANON EOS 5D II with the impressive 24mm and 17mm TSE lenses. Truly, this a real masterpiece that Schönberger has created and for that he deserves our upmost respect and admiration. If you enjoyed the “Dancing Sunrays” series, you can go and check out its portfolio page. Also, for more of Kilian’s great work you can visit his website or follow him on his Facebook page to get constant updates on the German’s latest art.