Exceptionally Beautiful Mushroom Photography By Steve Axford

Steve Axford is an Australia-born adventure seeker who appears to be a brilliant photographer. - 5 years ago by

He is always willing to go to the darkest and remotest corners of the world. As a photographer, Axford specializes in capturing images of generally nature, but also animals and people. However, considering his work, it appears that he is extremely fascinated by mushrooms. A major part of his photo collections are shots of various mushroom species. What is more, his stunning images reveal that the world of fungi is surprisingly diverse and exceptionally beautiful. In his photos we see very rare fungi species, most of which are fairly familiar to mankind. They look like amazing creatures came from an outer world. Axford has managed to capture completely new to science mushroom species which have never appeared on a single photo before. Clearly, his work is ground-breaking and tremendously helpful for scientists who explore fungi species. Axford admits that most of the shots were taken somewhere around his home place in Northern Rivers area in New South Wales, Australia.

Today, his exploratory quest continues. He is always on the go seeking for less known and rare fungi species.

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