Antilia: The Billion Dollar Tower In India

The personal residence of the wealthiest man in India - 8 years ago by

In recent year countries like China and India have made some amazing improvements to their landscapes and industries due to their incredible economy. Unfortunately there are still some huge problems with the disappearance of the so called “middle class” and there are just some insanely rich people and a lot of starving people. Like that old saying that the rich are just getting richer and poor – poorer. Another striking example is the unbelievably horrifying percentage of underweight kids in India. 42% of all those children live there. And yet billionaires are building a billion dollar house.

India is the homeland of Mukesh Ambani who was the fifth richest man in the world last year with a net worth of somewhere close to 43 billion US dollars, which of course automatically makes him the richest person in India. If any of you wonder how Ambani made all that money – he is in charge of Reliance Industries, a petrochemical company that was created by his father way back in 1966. And he has made for himself the most expensive (to my knowledge) and most obscene residence in the world. He named it Antilia. 

His precious (literally) Antilia has 27 floors but it is actually as tall as any regular 40 floors building because a lot of the stories are double the height of a normal building. He built it in the place of his family’s former home which had only 22 floors (what a shame, really). Ambani now lives there with his whole family – his wife and three kids alongside his mother and father.

The cost for making his incredible fortress is more than 700 million US dollars and some even say that it is more like a billion. Standing tall at almost 550 feet this giant tower has over 400,000 square feet of living space. The whole glamorous look is enhanced by the fact that no floor is like the next one. He even went further and not even the materials were the same for the different stories. But there is one upside to this insane story, at least he contributed mainly to the Indian economy by using 85% of the materials from India.  

And of course, as expected, this giant building has everything that you could possibly want. With the likes of a six story garage including 168 cars for you to choose from or you if you do not prefer the common way of traveling there are 3 different helipads for to land if you are traveling by air. Apparently the Ambani family planes on having multiple guests so they made a fairytale ballroom and they went the whole 10 miles on it. With the dual staircases with like a hundred giant chandeliers making the room as bright as day and the LCD displays with high-end speakers spread around the whole place to ensure that the party will be as loud as possible. Also there are two different bars – one inside and one on the outside, of course. And if by any reason the party is not going well they can always get to their huge 50 seat personal theatre and just watch a movie or a concert or something.

But you know very well that everything is in the details. The entire interior is arranged with the Indian art of Vaatsu which is their own interpretation of the Japanese Feng Shui. And the Ambani family knows that heath is the most important thing in this world as they dedicated a whole floor to it with a swimming pool, a yoga studio and an outdoor patio. And if the weather gets too hot, there is a special ice room where everyone can just cool off.

But this insanely expensive and gigantic tower that they reside in can be very stressful for the family sometimes. And if they feel the need to just get away from everything and everyone (since there are numerous people there needed for maintaining the residence) they can just go to the again huge open-air atrium and just gaze into the beautiful, breath-taking panoramic view of the city that just lies in their feet.