Animals That Have Spent Too Much Time At The Gym

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We all know our genes determine whether we are more likely to build big strong muscles or not. Well, the same rule applies to all animals.

If you think you are buff, take a look at this bulked up animals. They look like they have spent their entire time at the gym, working out on their bodies. However, our nearest relatives, the chimpanzees, have pound for pound, twice as much the strength of a human when it comes to pulling weight. Now we are talking about an average human compared to an average chimpanzee and we are talking about pulling in particular. Chimpanzees are so strong at pulling because this is the essential movement when climbing trees. For example, Eric Sproto set the bench press world record when pressed 715 lb (325) and then 722 lb or 327 kg with a belt. Of course, Sproto was able to do this after many years of training and probably a lot of steroids. There is no chimpanzee that does bench press, so for now let’s just put that topic aside.

Now, take a look at these buff animals. They are the proof that Mother Nature doesn’t need a personal trainer.

Our closest animal relative - the chimpanzees. They stay in shape just from doing a lot of pull-ups while climbing trees.

Pitbulls are selected to be a strong breed. However, if you spend some time training with your dog, it can get quite impressive.

No, this is not a Photoshop. They are called Belgian Blue Bulls – a breed of bull that has twice as much muscle mass than the regular bull.

The grizzly bear is an old gym veteran

Even bunnies have hit the gym lately

Tigers like doing some push-ups to stay in shape.

British shorthaired cat is one of the most muscular cat breeds.

Honey badger is a critter you don’t want to piss off.

If Rocky Balboa was an animal, he would be a kangaroo. These guys are nature’s boxers.

Now, that’s what I call a true Gym Rat.

Nice workout gear, bro.

Horses train hard as well.

There is something fishy about that jacked fish.

This gorilla has been hitting the gym hard.

And of course, the King of all animals is looking buff, as it should.