An Active Volcano Capture Up Close And Personal By Denis Budkov

The incredible ride to the heart of an active volcano and the great pictures that came out of it... - 8 years ago by

Who here hasn’t watched a movie, read a book or heard in the news anything about volcanoes? Yes, unless you lived somewhere under a rock (pun intended) you know how extremely dangerous these things actually are, but there is another side to them also, the side that shows how magnificently gorgeous they can also be. If you didn’t know, then photographer Denis Budkov’s incredible collection called “Edge of a Volcano” is the thing you needed to see today. Budkov managed to capture in this absolutely surreal series a whole bunch of different and close up pictures of an ACTIVE volcano. Yes, you read it right, active is what I also meant…He did that terrifying and yet absolutely stunning series as part of an expedition all the way to the “Plosky Tolbachik”- a volcano complex which is located deep in the heart of Kamchatka Peninsula in the furthest east part of Russia. Ever since he was just a child, everyone describes Denis as a fierce daredevil that always tries to push his boundaries and loves getting past his limits. He in fact took a great risk just by going there but he went “all in” and got an up close and personal date with the very heart of the again, active volcano. He even waited for the sun to set in order to get an even better and brighter color from the magma and using the nightfall as a background is just a pure piece of genius. Of course Budkov is not just interested and intrigued by only extreme and dangerous places, he also likes the calm ones too – and is pretty good there too. But to make sure and get a glimpse of his undeniable talent yourself, you should definitely check some more of his astonishing work on his personal website at:

Or just grasp some more of his incredible work on the series of the “Edge of a Volcano”

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