Amazing Mixture Between A Kitchen And A Bathroom For Small Spaces

Another perfect example of the German functionality - 8 years ago by

The crew from the artistic design studio Grant Lab, located in Berlin has created something very interesting in an apartment in the city of Hamburg, Germany. The project is to build in a very intriguing mixture between a kitchen and a bathroom that reminds more of a space object from a fantastic sci-fi kind of movie. The result is a structure that has sliding walls and very cleverly left out openings in order to get all the natural light inside and to be honest, it looks amazing. It brings more the feel of a piece of art, coming straight out of a museum, than a piece of furniture. But the fact of the matter is that it is a multitasking piece of furniture if I may call it anything. The kitchen part is basically perfect. It has absolutely everything you need, as it is enwrapped with stunning stainless steel countertops, lots of spacious cabinets to store everything you need, a great deep sink and even a stove. The other part contains the apartment bathroom. And no, it is not just an excuse for a bathroom – it even has its own giant tub inside that can make any other bathroom look puny. This incredible mix of aesthetic design and convenience is a great solution for small spaces that will both be extremely useful and will look amazing.