7 Signs He Is Head Over Heels For You

Тhere are signs that if you manage to read correctly would someway give an answer to your personal dilemma. - 8 years ago by

So, you have been seeing someone recently. Although a few dates have passed, you are aware of your feelings and cannot help but wonder how does He feels about you. Does He share the same passion and interests like you do?

Unfortunately, there is no recipe to tell whether the person you are dating only likes you or is head over heels for you. However, there are signs that if you manage to read correctly would someway give an answer to your personal dilemma, and you will know whether there is hope to find a long-term romance, or you are only wasting your time with this guy.

#1 He is ready to make a last-minute change of plans

Whatever he is doing or about to do, he is ready to make a sudden change of plans only to spend some quality time with you. A reaction like this means that you are top priority in his agenda and he only cares to be with you no matter what.

#2 Your opinion matters to him

Whether it is business or personal matter, he seeks for your opinion. Shares with you his concerns and expectations and asks what you think. That is because you are valuable to him and, in all likelihood, he cannot get you out of his heart and mind.

#3 Involves you in open talks about the future

Some people find it hard to discuss their future, dreams and aspirations with others who know only for a little while. When you make plans together about your relationship, feelings, hopes, share bitter memories from the past and fears about the future in general, that means he is ready to go further with you on many levels.

#4 His actions speak louder how important you are to him

He never tries to hide how much you mean to him. He shows it in a number of ways:

  • From music to movies and books, he appreciates all the things you enjoy.

  • He answers your messages as quick as he can.

  • You have become a part of his daily routine because he wanted you to. 

  • He also have integrated you to his social life by introducing you to his closest friends, relatives and/or co-workers. That is a serious step that defines his intentions to be with you for a long time.

#5 He listens

By rule, men are not good listeners when it comes to women's concerns. They tend to lose interest of what women are talking about and stop following their thought, which can gradually ruin the connection between two partners. A man would never listen to you if he is not personally interested of you two getting closer.

#6 He does things he is not into only because they are valuable to you and make you happy.

And he never complains about it.

He understands your needs, interests and passions and is always willing to provide moral support. If he does that, he is definitely a keeper.

#7 Small gestures of appreciation

He is not afraid to reveal his romantic self and demonstrate some gentleman skills. Beautiful gestures showing  appreciation from the man’s side do not be narrow down only to buying flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. When a man is truly into a woman, he finds a way - traditional or extraordinary - to express his admiration.

If you have already taken into account all of these signs, then you need no further proof to tell that he is crazy about you. On the other hand, if you don’t recognize these signals in your man, there is still no reason to be worried. Follow your gut. If it tells you to give this a shot, do it. In time you will know whether he is Mr. Right or the one before Mr. Right.