7 Foolproof Strategies To Help You Find The Perfect Job

The best jobs are never advertised and always hard to find. However, you can still hunt down new job opportunities if you design the right strategy and follow it. - 8 years ago by

The best jobs are never advertised and always hard to find. However, you can still hunt down new job opportunities if you design the right strategy and follow it.


Build connections

Don't rely too much on finding a new job advertised in a newspaper or a website. Best thing you can do is befriend with people who do the job you wish for. Talk to them and get to know how did they get their job. Another important step is volunteer to do work for free so you could show your skills and build an authority. Thus, more people might get to know you and later on, they might call with a proposal. Go out more often so that many people can see you. Staying at home does not provide with good options when it comes to finding a better job.


Spend more time talking to people face-to-face and less browsing on the internet  

Try to be a little bit more open to people. Googling won't give you opportunities or inspiration but making new contacts can. Most of the time Internet is a useful source of information but the landscape seems to be different when you're seeking for a career change. You may find new ideas and build a small virtual network that could put you on the right track for a while. However, internet is hardly the place to look for advice especially when it is related to tough life decisions. Reading articles and exploring job sites may not be the best way to spend your quality time.


Tell more people about what you can and want to do

Share your goals with your best buddy Steve. He will tell Jake and Jake will possibly spread the word among his other friends and co-workers. Soon enough someone might give you the call you've been waiting for. Remember that it's not about who you know, it's who the people you know know. To put it simpler, chances are that your friends' friends may turn out to be looking for a guy with the abilities you have. So go out more often and talk to people. Create a clear message about the job you want and deliver it to the right audience.


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Neale Donald Walsch said it once and it's the truth. The more you get out of your comfort zone, the sooner you will find the right job. Life is a constant test. Challenge yourself in various ways so you could change and self-improve.  


Unleash your creative power

Always write down new ideas. If they don't seem to be applicable at the moment, that's ok. But don't throw an idea away, just put it "on the shelf" and wait for the right time to come. You never know when an idea of yours may become highly valuable to a company. Take Gorilla Glass, the scratch-resistant technology used for touch screen displays, developed by Corning Inc., was only an idea kept waiting until one day Apple decided they wanted it and it grew big. Always keep your ideas “in a box”.


Build confidence

If you tend to leave other people with the impression that you're indecisive, unreliable and lack of confidence, that will certainly not give you the job you want. The so-called “confidence factor” is of great importance when it comes to displaying your potential and skills for limited time (like a job interview). Change your attitude. Apply a straightforward approach when answering the questions and try not to show that you're anxious or frightened from inside. Keep the "confidence factor" high and the odds that you get the job may be in your favour.


Know what you want

When you are fully aware of what kind of job you want, it will be much easier to find it. Many people welcome the idea that having a truly satisfying job does't make you feel it like work but more like a hobby, a pleasant activity. Chasing big career dreams is one thing and being practically successful is quite another. Never lose touch with reality. A job may give you a sense of satisfaction from time to time but to think of it as a hobby can be deceptive. Unfortunately, there is not one formula for job satisfaction. You have to create your own and apply it.


Ask yourself what is it that you don’t know? Find the answer of this question and it will help you work out what you need to learn to have the job of your dreams.