6 Ways To Wake Up Without Coffee

When you are on a working schedule time is extremely important. The earlier you wake up, the more duties you could perform. - 8 years ago by

Let's admit it, most people hate getting up early in the morning and there is nothing bad about it. Everyone enjoys a good night sleep and prefers to get up somewhere between 9 and 10 AM. Of course, young people, especially teenagers, would like to get up at noon. However, when you are on a working schedule time is extremely important. The earlier you wake up, the more duties you could perform. Looking for a wise trick to get their day started, most people reach for the cup of  coffee. Indeed, it is a tasty caffeine-rich beverage that boosts your energy and wakes us up shortly. However, there are alternative and much healthier ways you could use instead of letting caffeine take over your system.

Here are some of them:


Fruits offer so much benefits to your body and apples, in particular, offer even more. It may sound hard to believe, but apples are one of the healthiest fruits in the world. They contain natural sugars called fructose, which wake you up in the natural way. These natural sugars get slowly absorbed into your blood. Once you have an apple in your body, it will wake you up and also keep you awake for a much longer than coffee. Apples contain something your body needs to keep moving - carbohydrates. Also, apples are excellent source of fibers. You should definitely try eating an apple early in the morning instead of drinking coffee.


This is probably no news, but yes, light is a powerful tool for waking up. People hate it, because it is annoying to be exposed to a direct sun light, but it still remains effective thing to try if you don’t want to be late for work. Natural  sunlight is the best trick to make you get up of bed better than any artificial light.  In this case, it will be good to have someone who could raise the blinds for you letting the sun come into your room and mark the beginning of the new day.

Smell of tasty food

Funny as it may seem, but who won't get up of bed the minute he or she smells some delicious breakfast that is being made. Yes, food has the surprising power to wake people up. The smell of pancakes or scrambles eggs with bacon tears everyone away from deepest sleep. What is more interesting, it is not all because of the smell, it's the food and the idea of eating it what drives you to get up as soon as possible. Eggs contain Vitamin B, which is good for your digestive system, but more importantly, it stimulates your brain activity. It doesn't matter what you will have for breakfast as long as you keep it healthy. Nonetheless, don’t forget to provide your body with carbohydrates. That means adding eggs, fruits and vegetables to your breakfast.


Water, ok, but in what way, some will ask. One way, water helps you wake up in no time is by taking a shower. Plus, it leaves you clean and refreshed, ready to start the day. Well, there is another way that will instantly wake you  up - when someone throws cold water on you in your sleep but, admittedly,  that is a bit harsh. Water is important for your body. It is also recommendable to drink a glass of water every morning before consuming any other food or drink. Just think how vital water is for humans - we can last up to two (or three) weeks with no food, but if we don't have any water we could die in a couple of days. Water revitalizes your blood. Drink more water rather than coffee and you won't get dehydrated.


Music, just like bright sunlight can wake everyone up in no time. What is more interesting, music will keep you awake even after you have already woken up. Of course, if you are planning to use music as a wake up tool, choose wisely the songs because some are too slow that will send you back to sleep instead of waking you. Perhaps, you should pick some dynamic rock tracks and let them sound loudly. 

Turn the TV on

If you have a TV in the bedroom, perhaps it would be a good idea to switch it on the minute you hear the alarm ringing. Watching or just listening the news, or some talk show, will make your brain function and keep you awake for a long time. If not the news, the commercials will certainly make you get up. Using the TV to get up is a trick that works pretty good. Besides, when your eyes meet the TV screen light, it will certainly push the sleep away.