6 Hobbies To Help You Make Money From Home

Discover alternative ways to make extra cash to help you stay afloat and keep your household budget balanced. - 8 years ago by

You like your job and find the things you do at the workplace quite fulfilling, however, there is a tiny little problem that brings clouds over your satisfaction - money. You have a job you like but it is low-paid and possibility to have your salary raised any time soon look poor at the time. Don't worry, you're not alone. You don't have to change your job only for the money. Bear in mind that many high-paid jobs are usually dynamic and involve many responsibilities and taking make-or-break decisions which will inevitably bring too much stress and stress is bad for everyone's wellbeing.

Still, there is no need to worry, because there is a solution. You don't have to quit your job because the money is not enough. In fact, in terms of storm-tossed economy with higher risk of plummeting profits due to new policies and rules applied by the government,  you are about to take serious risk by quitting the job that pays the bills.

What you can do instead? 

Try to discover other ways to make extra cash to help you stay afloat and keep your household budget balanced.

Think of your hobbies. Whether it is gardening, drawing digitally, taking photos, writing, watching movies, playing video games, everyone has at least one thing that enjoys doing. You only have to find out what is it yours. Most people enjoy practicing more than one hobby. Ask yourself could you make any money by practicing your hobby. Hobbies help people develop valuable skills. Many people enjoy taking photos and doing photo manipulations and before they realize it they have become masters in Photoshop and such skills could open many doors, especially when it comes to making extra money.

Most important thing before start using your hobby as a way to earn money, is to establish some ground rules and follow them.

  1. Stay positive and try your best to unleash your creativity
  2. Let inspiration be your driving force, not money.
  3. Improve your skills
  4. Adopt new useful habits to boost your productivity


Hobbies that help make money on the side


If you love writing, whether articles or short blog posts, you should consider combining your hobby with work. You can find a lot of freelance platforms where you can promote your writing and attract customers who will pay you to write. Also, there are many websites called content mills where you can register for free and write on topics you like and provide expertise. You will be able to receive payment based on the amount of views your post makes. The more views, the higher pay. You can try your luck with other writing subcategories like ghostwriting, creating lists and how to-type articles, script writing, creative writing, copywriting, or content writing. If you choose the last one from the list, be sure to brush up on your knowledge on how SEO works. And, if your English skills are near perfect, you can do editing and proof reading jobs.


Photography is not only a great hobby, but it remains one of the most demanded professions worldwide. There are many successful freelance photographs today. Furthermore, internet is the best place a photograph can promote their work and attract interest. Many websites like Bored Panda allow artistic souls from all countries to register on their website and publish their original work. This is a great way to show your unique vision and standout from the crowd. Don’t keep your talent behind close doors, express your artistic ideas freely and let the world see you. Additionally, you can sell your smartphone photos. Believe it or not, smartphone photography is very popular these days. If you are capable of making your pictures, taken by smartphone, look professional, then you are good to try your luck in some of the sites like Foap.com that are interested in purchasing smartphone-made images.

Graphic design

Similarly to writing, if you enjoy doing photo manipulations on Photoshop, drawing digitally, creating logos, or e-covers for Kindle books, you can improve your skills and earn money at the same time. Find the online platforms that you feel most comfortable with and carefully start building your profile. Add a brief description about yourself, don’t forget to mention your talents and interests, present a portfolio, and promote your skills.

Online tutoring  

Today, in the digital era there are plenty of websites offering people with extensive knowledge on English, Spanish, German, French, or Russian to make money tutoring other people who have interest in becoming fluent in the particular language. Many tutoring online platforms like Cambly, for example, hire people from around the globe and pay them per minute. No previous teacher experience is required. However, to become an English tutor, you will have to be a native speaker and give proof of it, that is all. Cambly is an innovative form of language learning for students. Through chatting or speaking via Skype students are able to enhance their vocabulary and gain valuable knowledge from native speakers.

Chat agent

If you enjoy chatting there are a lot of work-from-home job opportunities that allow you to earn extra cash by chatting with various customers. If you choose to work as a chat agent, your role will be to offer particular services and products emphasizing on the benefits that customers will gain. A number of call center and contact management companies hire people from worldwide to become full-time or part-time sales chat agents. As a chat agent you will have to prove fast typing skills, i.e you must be able to type fast, about 55 word per minute. Chat agents working remotely usually have to chat with three customers in the same time. Good talkative skills will also be an advantage.

Travel and cruise sales agent

Many companies hire professionals from all over the world to work as sales cruise or travel agents. If you have passion for travelling, as a travel or cruise online agent you have the opportunity to help people book their vacations. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Basically, you will have to answer inquiries and sell travel or cruise packages to customers. This is a good chance to broaden your knowledge and gain valuable experience in the travel and cruise industry.