5 “American Horror Story” Amazing Facts That You Probably Didn’T Expect To Be True

Here are some of the most amazing and really exciting facts about this well known TV series American Horror Story - 7 years ago by

American horror story is a TV series that is famous for its strange sense of humor and fierce blood shedding pieces. However, it features a plot that rivals the elaborations of a soap opera, and the narrative distortions are really difficult to follow. AHS lovers are constantly being surprised and bewildered, but even the biggest fans may find some additional details and spicy back-stage trivia quite unbelievable. Here are some of the most amazing and really exciting facts about this well known American TV series.

1. Rosenheim Mansion, a location with six bedrooms and five bathrooms, is the real name of The Murder House. All fans of the TV series would be excited about the fact that the Murder House from season I is actually a real location.

The address of the house is 1120 Weschester Place, LA and it was built in the very beginning of the 20th century (1908) to be the residence of the famous architect Alfred Rosenheim (it was his own piece of architectural art). The mansion was one of the many constructed by the architect in California. A century later, in 2013 the house was for sale; the declared price was $7.8 million. A few years later the selling price decreased considerably to the amount of $4.45 million.

2. A set of other TV shows has used the setting of the house.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer used the whole house to be Alpha Delta Frat house in Fear Itself, special for Halloween. An interesting fact is that this special episode combines all types of horror story metaphors to depict the spookiest fears, similar to the ones demonstrated in American Horror Story itself.

Dexter and the X-files are other examples of TV horror stories, that took advantage of the fearsome setting of the Mansion.

3. The famous gay couple in Murder House had to be played by Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka.

The abnormal gay partners who craved for the baby in season I, were meant to be played by the two. However, the duo had already been seen as partners who can barely stand each other in another movie, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. For all their fans, what appears to be good news is that they are to be starring in Freak Show.

A proper substitution for half of the cast was Zachary Quinto, which proved to be a successful replacement.

4. The Murder House canine is a superstar.

The dog named Hallie in the American horror story has a very good reputation as a film star which was a profitable cast in Suburgatory, as well. Lambchop is the real name of the female Harmon family dog from season I. Since she was committed to other  roles,  several American Horror story episodes had to go without her stellar performance. Interestingly, some four-legged creatures prove to be even more successful than many other human colleagues.

5. The Axeman is an American horror story character, who is based on existing real life people.

As his name implies, the Axeman living in New Orleans, assaulted his victims with an axe. He was a real serial killer, who committed his crimes between  May 1918 and October 1919. Allegedly a dozen of people were attacked by him; however, the rumour has it that their number is even bigger than that. The criminal was never captured, despite the fact that Joseph Momfre was the chief suspect. There used be something mysterious about him, for it was believed that his name was used as a cover of his crimes. What is really scary is that there was one and same letter used by Danny Huston’s character and real Axeman. In 1919 he penned the letter back trying to provide his victims with the two alternatives of playing jazz or getting the axe. 

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