25 Photos That Show How Nature Will Win The War With Civilization

Nature Wins! - 8 years ago by


Humans are now populating every continent on the planet. We are the absolute rulers who build big cities in deserts and at the same time destroy the natural habitat of animals and plants.

We pollute habitats; we illegally hunt and kill endangered animals. We bring exotic species into habitats causing imbalance and natural disasters.  Human activity often changes the face of the Earth itself.

Scientists estimated that because of the growing human population (more than 7.5 billion people) animal and plant species extinct 1000 times faster than they have over the past 65 million years.

However, Mother Nature is refuses to give up. Whenever she has a chance to reclaim her land, she battles hard. Sometimes, for one reason or another, humans abandon their cities and villages and Mother Nature takes back what it used to be hers.

From flooded shopping malls occupied with fish to abandoned hotels, the Mother Nature fights back to the human invasion.