25 Animal Selfies That Will Make You Smile

Animal Selfie is a real thing! - 8 years ago by

Animals are pretty awesome. Sometimes they want to tell us something but, unfortunately, we cannot hear them. When you have a pet animal, you can actually start to understand it because you spend so much time with it. After all, animals  have feeling just as we do. They feel pain, anger, joy, disappointment, love and much more. If you love animals, you can see what they are trying to say by just looking at their expressions.

Yeah, we know our pets but what about the wild animals? Well, it is very much the same thing again, just take a look at what their face has to say. Some scientists say that over 93% of our communication is nonverbal, which means that even humans use the body language more often than they engage in verbal communication.

Here are some selfies of cute animals. Take a look at them and guess what they are trying to tell you.