20 Curious Random Facts

Did you know that the true scientific description of a kiss is "anatomical juxtaposition of the two orbicularis oris muscles in a state of contraction"? - 8 years ago by


In the year 1932 the winter was so cold Niagara Falls completely froze up. It is not that unnatural for rivers, or even parts of oceans to freeze, what made this event so unique was how big the volume of the water that went through the waterfall was. Naturally, the bigger and faster it goes, the harder it is to become ice and snow.



In 1987 American Airlines took out the olives from the salads in their menus. This way they saved 40 000 dollars. This only proves how little changes can have big effects in the grand scheme of things.



Did you know that the true scientific description of a kiss is " anatomical juxtaposition of the two orbicularis oris muscles in a state of contraction" . Now feel free to ask someone if they want to do it and watch their confusion!



In Bangladesh people marry when they are fairly young. Girls at least. Almost 73% of the females there were married before reaching or at the age of 18. It is doubtful their husbands were all young lads too.



Americans choke the most on........toothpicks. How they manage to ingest them is still a mystery though.



As it turns out, giraffes and rats can last without water for longer than the undisputed champions - the camels. Rats, however, are nasty and people don't talk about them with any respect, while giraffes are famous for other things.



When the original Titanic was built, it cost about 7 million dollars. When the 1997 film was made, it cost about 200 million dollars. Impressive! But there is a little trick to these numbers, the 7 million were not adjusted for inflation. In 1997 currency their value would be......150 million tops, which still makes the movie significantly more expensive than the ship itself. No wonder it sunk.



Our human hair is almost indestructible. The only thing that destroys it without a trace is fire. Or premature balding.



The highest mountain in Denmark is only 173 meter tall. It should be called a hill then, right? Anyway, its name is Yding Skovhoj. The country's average altitude is only 30 meters, so the global warming is something to be very afraid of I am sure.



Earth's population is rather huge, right? Over 7 billion living, breathing and completely unique people. However, if we put them all standing shoulder to shoulder in the same place, they will only fill up the island of Maui in Hawaii. Oh no, not even that, there will be still some room to spare!



We hear about killings all the time, from gun robberies to being trampled over by elephants. One of the weirdest ways to die is to be stabbed by something sharp in your dishwasher. About 7 unlucky people die in such a way each year. I thought machines were supposed to help us!



Horses and donkeys can mate, no problem with that, the resulting new animal is called a mule. Fair enough so far, however the mules themselves are sterile and can't reproduce. Now this is a terrible fate, although one can argue that the nature didn't intend for them to exist in the first place.



There is a city called Slaughter in Texas, USA. Its name is right out of a cheap Z-grade horror movie and its population is 12 000. The amazing thing is that there was never a homicide within its boundaries. Wait, why was it called Slaughter again?



This one is very popular actually. A chicken managed to survive for 18 months without its head. Eventually it choked and died, but when it was alive it was quite the attraction.



That cute and colorful poison-arrow frog has enough deadly poison to kill 2200 people. Stay away from brightly colored critters for your own good!



Turtles can breathe through their asses. Pardon me, their cloacas. This is not just for a laugh though, regular breathing exhausts the turtle because of the structure of its shell, so cloaca breathing is the easier alternative. It is all about survival in the animal world!



Higher altitude airports require longer landing strips. Why? It is easy come to think of it, higher altitudes means lower air density and therefore less friction.



It was noted in King George III of England's diary on July 4, 1776 that "Nothing of importance happened today." This date later became known to United States citizens as "Independence Day". You gotta appreciate the humor though, after all for the rest of the world the day is indeed without much importance attached to it.



Sir Anthony Hopkins won the Oscar for best actor for playing Hannibal Lecter in the movie "The Silence of the Lambs". Now the funny part, he was only in the movie for 16 minutes! Talking about a memorable performance......



Do you skip lunch at work? You are not the only one. 31%, almost 1/3rd of the employees in the world skip the meal entirely. Lunch breaks are overrated anyway, they just make your work day longer and force you to return home later.