10 Super Cute Lemur Species

See some the most adorable creatures on the planet. - 9 years ago by

10. Bamboo Lemur

Bamboo Lemur a.k.a. Gentle Lemur is in the genus of Hapalemur. They are middle-sized reaching 26 to 46 cm in height and 2.5 kg in weight and can be found exclusively in Madagascar. As you can tell from their name, they prefer to live in damp forests where the bamboo grows. Bamboo lemurs are social. They live in family groups of one male, one or two females and their offspring.

9. Mongoose Lemur

Mongoose Lemurs are very tiny and cute creatures. They are just 30 to 40 cm long plus a tail, which is 40 to 60 cm. They live in the tropical dry forest eco region of Madagascar Island. Mongoose lemurs’ diet consists mostly of fruits, flowers, leaves, and flower nectar.

8. Aye-aye lemurs

Scientists have been arguing until 2008 if Aye-aye should be defined as a part of the lemur family. Aye-ayes are famous for their specialized finger. They use their long finger to tap on the tree and search for food. When the find what they have been looking for, they insert the finger into a narrow hole in order to pull out the larva.

7. Diademed Sifaka

Diademed Sifaka, also known as the diademed simpona, is endangered lemur specie that inhabits the eastern rainforest of Madagascar. Their name comes from the black fur that extends to the nape of the neck and contrasts with the grayish fur on their face and shoulders.

6. Brown Mouse Lemur

This is my favorite cute little friend. It looks like a little squirrel with huge eyes, but it is actually a primate. Brown mouse lemurs can only be found on the Madagascar Island. You can easily fit this little fellow in your palm. 

5. Common Brown Lemur

Common brown lemurs are members of the family of Lemuridae. They also inhabit the Madagascar Island in the north side of the Betsiboka River. The brown common lemur is mostly active during the day. Like all the above, it is super cute.

4. Silky Lemur

The silky lemur or silky sifaka is a large-sized lemur with a long tail and beautiful snow-white fur. The long white fur tops on their completely hairless face. Unlike most of the lemurs, silky sifakas like eating some meat from time to time. The male silky lemur hunts down other lemur species for some extra protein.

3. Blue-eyed Black Lemur

This charmer has beautiful blue eyes and although they are called blue-eyed black lemurs, only the males are black, while the females are reddish brown in color. They are also very cute and tiny, reaching just 29 – 45 cm in length and their tail is 51 – 65 cm. They weight just 1.8 to 1.9 kg.

2. Fork-marked lemur

Fork-marked lemurs also known as the fork-crowned lemurs are the small primates that are native to the Madagascar Island. They are among the least studied lemurs. Fork-marked lemurs are super small, weighing just 350 grams.

1. Golden-crowned sifaka 

Golden-crowned sifaka a.k.a. the Tattersall's sifaka are medium-sized lemurs with a golden-orange crown. It weighs around 3.5 kg and measures approx. 90 cm from head to tail.  Golden-crowned sifakas’ bright golden fur makes it an extremely beautiful and cute creature, which, unfortunately, leads to poaching. Poachers hunt them for their fur and it is estimated that there are just 18,000 individuals left in the wild.