10 Of The Ugliest Video Game Characters

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Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V

Fans love him and playing with the guy is a blast, this doesn't take away from his ugliness though. Let's start with his balding hair, his face of a drug addict, the huge bags under his eyes and his dirty clothes(which thankfully can be changed). Then we add his mannerisms and the way he regularly twists his face, the result is scary but very fitting. Of course this is what makes playing with Trevor such a great experience, he is so unstable and unpredictable every moment with him is a joy.


Max Payne from Max Payne

This is a bit random, after all he looks quite handsome on the title screen. Then you start up the game and get those lovely close ups of his face. Why is he squinting like that all the time? Ughhhhhh! Thankfully you'll mostly watch him from the back and the so called cut scenes in the game are comic strips(in which he again looks handsome enough), so the only reason to examine thoroughly his ugly mug in-game is after some twisting mouse action during bullet time. Fair enough.



Being Mario's evil counterpart it is no wonder the guy is ugly. Let's be honest here though, Mario is not much of a flower himself, the only thing making him cute being his innocent and friendly face. Not with Wario, who just loves looking evil and seems to be an even bigger fatso than our lovely mushroom loving plumber. Of course, being a villain, playing with Wario is a blast, so it all comes together rather nicely in the end.


Jimmy Hopkins from Bully

It is all intentional, after all the main playable character in Bully is supposed to be......well, a bully who was molded into these nasty habits by his family and environment. His shaved head and his constantly grumpy square mug will make you give him your money even when he is not asking for them. The fact that he is far from the worst student at his school speaks volumes, it is hell down there! Anyway, Bully is one of these games, where you can change your character's attire in various hilarious ways, so you can put a pig mask on top of Jimmy Hopkins' face to make it more presentable.


Baraka and Mileena from Mortal Kombat

What these two characters have in common? The teeth of course! Baraka's teeth in particular are so huge you are left wondering how he manages to shove anything inside his mouth without dislocating his jaws. The guy has blades everywhere, but his smile is particularly exaggerated. Mileena is a different story. She looks sexy, oh yes, while she is keeping her mask on. Let her come close and BOOYAH! you are in for a big toothy surprise! It certainly works better because she is more human with a more normal.....mouth. But hey, that'll teach you to stay away from sexy female aliens.


Larry Laffer from Leisure Suit Larry

Larry is a joke. He is short, has funny hair and a big head. And he wants to get it on with the ladies. Yup, used to be a good old school puzzle game with lots of humor, which eventually got washed up and became something more vile, and offending. This funny character sadly lost his charm and became a creepy pervert, who usually needs to climb onto a chair just to be able to kiss a girl. Sorry, Larry, but I am not helping you with your lowly urges anymore.


Mora Brown from Fallout 3

If she wasn't an important quest giver you would have never noticed her......charms. But since most of the conversations with her boil down to you looking baffled at the crap she speaks, it just becomes more evident that she is indeed an ugly person. A crazy ugly person with a light mustache on her upper lip. At this point you just can't ignore her anymore, you must rid the Wasteland of her presence! The best part? She then turns into a ghoul, which may be a bit of an improvement all things considered, at least ghouls are not known for their facial hair.


Rufus from Street Fighter IV

The creators of this character must have had a good laugh while doing so. You see, the Street Fighter games are known for their stereotypical characters. Except for Blanka I guess, I doubt Brazilians are really this green and electric. Anyway, Rufus fits the fat American stereotype to a t. He is also abrasive, angry and most of all dumb. His acrobatic abilities only enforce the joke, but it doesn't make him any more appealing to look at. A big yellow ball, which simply bounces around in a stupid manner.


The Broodmother from Dragon Age

This is just about the most repulsive thing you'll fight in a video game. Unless you prefer playing something obscure from Japan. But even the mighty tentacle blobs can't compare to the Broodmother, because she has an actual face. And tits. Lots and lots of tits, which you'll try to forget as soon as possible. This is not all, however, just check out how the Broodmothers come to be:

"Female captives are usually made broodmothers by the darkspawn. They contract the taint by being force-fed darkspawn tissue. This gives them cannibalistic urges but also mutates them. These females turn into fully-fledged broodmothers after devouring massive amounts of flesh even from their own kin."


Your Main Character from most of the RPG Games Where Customization is an Option

Just like how power can be used for good or bad, having the option to customize your character can give birth to something really pretty, or epically ugly. From Dark Souls to the recent Bioware games, you have the option to turn your main protagonist into a frog, grinning idiot, a fat slug, or a dark skinned hag. Then you can proceed to add some dreads, body paint, tattoos and go bang your sexy female companions to your heart's content. Perhaps the easiest laughs you can get out of a Youtube video.