10 Bold Ways To Live Healthy And Green In 2016

New Year is the best time to consider adopting better and healthy habits. - 8 years ago by

As the New Year is approaching, so is the time to draw up the balance sheet and make some resolutions. If you want to turn over a new leaf, now may be the best time to do so. You can’t tell what the furure holds, but nothins stops you from making plans and setting goals. Why not start with small changes in your daily routine. New Year is the best time to consider adopting better and healthy habits. Today, the most popular New Year's resolution is to start thinking green and being more concerned about the link between your health and the environment.

Here are a few fun and easy ways to go green in 2016.

1. Read more eBooks

Reading is a fun and educative activity. As we live in the Digital Age, reading ebooks has grown highly popular among people of all ages. Moreover, by downloading ebooks you save hundreds of trees every year. However, if you are not keen on digital books, you can still contribute to the environment by doing recycling.

2. Reduce paper expenses

Whether at the workplace or at home, adjust your printer so that it can print on both sides. Thus, you will minimize your paper consumption and once again contribute to saving the trees. Of course, this rule applies only to unofficial documents and printed materials.

3. Go vegetarian or vegan every once in a while

Set a fun rule to have meatless weekends or at least one or two days in a week eat nothing but vegetarian or vegan food. Only replace your regular meals with leafy greens, fruits and nuts and you'll see this will freshen you up big time. You’ll be amazed by the results. This could be the most efficient detox method you’ve ever tried. Have you ever thought why vegans and vegetarians are healthier than most people? The secret is in what they eat.

4. Pay the bills online

You will save yourself so much effort and avoid unwanted hassle if you pay your bills online (and on time to avoid punishment fess). Plus, this will reduce the paper costs so that millions of trees and tons of carbon dioxide annually would be saved. Indeed, in the Digital Age paper is not popular anymore.

5. Buy more homegrown products

Many people don't realize how much they can benefit from consuming more homegrown foods. For example, through buying stuff from the local store, you help the small-sized businesses to grow. Moreover, homegrown products have better taste and contain larger amounts of nutrients which are ideal for your health.

6. Nourish your body with fruits and veggies

Add more fresh foods to your daily meals. Aim for fruits and green vegetables. Thus, you will feed your body with the right nourishment and it will eventually thank you for it. People who eat more vegetables enjoy a strong immune system which reflects on their well-being, beautiful skin and attractive appearance.

7. Start clean and green

Take a peek at what bathing products you use. Does your soap contain lots of harmful ingredients? Perhaps it's time to look for natural soaps, tooth pastes and shampoos loaded with chemical-free ingredients and are fair trade certified. Pick up carefully your beauty products, aim for the ones that have lesser chemistry, otherwise, they can cause rashes or other kinds of skin disorder.

8. Smart light bulbs

Here is a bright idea for you: replace the regular light bulbs in your apartment with low-energy ones. They are eco-friendly and last three times longer than traditional light bulbs. Plus, his is a good way to ease your electricity bill.

9. Reduce energy costs

The more energy you manage to save, the smaller electricity you'll pay. Another useful way to reduce energy consumption is to reduce home heating and cooling by turning your thermostat a degree or two lower than usual settings.

10. Discover the wonders of nature in your hometown

Gather your friends and colleagues and embark on a weekend trip to explore the local forest. Take a breath of fresh forest air and enjoy the company of your friends in a wonderful day out in the local woods. Not only this is a pleasant activity, but also it is cost-effective.