Why Should Android App Development Be The First Preference Of Startups?

When it comes to mobile app development, startups often get confused which platform to go for - Android or iOS? If you are also facing the same dilemma, this article will help you make the right decision. - 10 days ago by


Seeing the growing demand and benefits of mobile apps, it is more likely for startups to look forward to developing a mobile application. If you are one of them, it is quite possible that you will be pondering which platform to opt - Android or iOS? Considering both the platform have their own pros and cons, it can be a daunting task for you to choose one. However, I believe that Android should be the first preference for startups. Wondering why so? Why not enter the mobile market with iOS? Here are some of the benefits of beginning with Android app development to prove my point:


1- Benefits of Android app development

Wider Audience: More than 81% of smartphones operating globally run on Android. Plus, the platform covers all the types of smartphones - from low-cost to expensive ones. This implies investing in Android application development is effective to reach a wider audience. And if you are targeting the developing nations, this is the one and the only one platform to put your efforts and funds in.


2- Higher Customization Option:

Android platform is second to none when it comes to flexibility and customization. The mobile app development platform provides a specific framework that can be taken into consideration for building apps for devices of different screen sizes and specifications. This way, you can build your own brand app for a different set of devices and make the user interaction seamless on all. This facility of customization is restricted on the iOS platform, making it a good deal to choose Android over iOS.


3- Low Barrier to Entry:

Android apps can be the perfect vehicle to enter the mobile market since Google has not placed as many restrictions (in the form of guidelines) as Apple has. The Android platform is quite open and free to try anything; which makes it easier for the startups as well as existing businesses to leverage the benefits of the mobile-only era.


4- Low Investment:

Android, being an open-source platform, let you access most of the SDK and development tools for free. This, in turn, cut down the overall Android app development cost - helping the struggling startups get into the mobile market and prevent their startup from failing.

In addition to this, the Android app developers are available at more reasonable rates, when compared to iOS app developers which again indicate that going for Android application development demands lesser investment.


5- Multiple Revenue Sources:

A mobile user spends about 90% of their mobile time on Android apps daily. This implies there is a higher chance of earning revenue from android app development. Plus, it renders different revenue sources, such as In-app purchase, Paid subscription, and In-app advertising. The platform offers free SDKs for android application development and shares 70% of revenue with you, implying a great opportunity to earn more income.


6- Earlier Launch:

As mentioned earlier, the Android platform provides a large number of code libraries that can be employed to create Android applications at the earliest. You need not begin from scratch; you can search these libraries and integrated into your mobile app development project for better and quick services.

Besides, the Google takes lesser time to approve a mobile application and make it live, when compared to Apple. It is possible to launch a mobile app within a few hours in case of Android application development.


7- Better Marketing Opportunity:

Android, as compared to iOS platform, is more free to submit your application on different platforms. That means, you need not remain restricted to Google Play Store; you can submit your Android application on third-party platforms and increase the scope of app awareness.


With the aforementioned benefits, it is evident that startups should prefer Android app development over the other possible options. So, if you have made your mind, contact our experts to discuss your idea today.